The Tragedy of Modern Medicine

After spending trillions of dollars on medical research, modern medicine has made no progress in addressing our growing epidemic of chronic disease. For example, over a trillion dollars has been spent on cancer research, yet the death rate from cancer is the same as it was in 1950. To hide this colossal failure, the cancer industry uses smoke and mirrors to lie with statistics and dupe the public into thinking that progress has been made and that more money should be spent.

We tend to measure progress by the amount of money spent and how many tens of thousands of …

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Vaccines Cause Autoimmune Disease

Foreign DNA causing problems…

Autoimmune diseases used to be rare. Today they are common-place. What happened? What has changed? Why should your body no longer recognize itself? Why should your immune system start attacking you as if your body tissues were foreign invaders? One answer is that autoimmune disease started to explode after the massive vaccination programs began in the 1940s and have continued to increase along with increases in the number of vaccinations.

Both animal and human studies show that the more vaccinations you get, the higher your risk of autoimmune disease. According to research by Bart Classen, MD,

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What About Anxiety?

Recently a number of people have asked me about the use of supplements to reduce or eliminate anxiety. Occasional anxiety is a normal part of life, but an anxiety disorder, where the anxiety does not go away and can get worse over time, can interfere with daily activities such as job performance, school work, and relationships. People can experience recurrent and unexpected anxiety attacks, which may include a pounding heart, accelerated heart rate or sweating.

Most physicians have no idea how to treat anxiety, so they resort to prescribing drugs like Xanax, which only address symptoms and do nothing to …

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Chemotherapy Drugs – Even killing the workers…

Chemotherapy drugs are so dangerous; they are even killing healthcare workers. Today, most cancer patients die from their treatment and not from their cancer.  It is well known in the cancer industry that chemotherapy is dangerous and that it doesn’t work. Tragically, most people do chemotherapy because they think it’s their only option. About 80 percent of all cancer patients get chemotherapy—a dangerous choice in exchange for no benefits. Statistics show that about 98 percent of patients who opt for chemotherapy would actually live longer and have higher quality lives if they opted to do nothing at all.

While the …

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Raymond Francis Health Hoax

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