Let’s Talk About Concussion

A single concussion can have lasting impact…

The incidence of diagnosed concussions in people under the age of 20 has climbed 71 percent between 2010 and 2015. This is an enormous increase! Some of it is the result of better diagnosis, but most of it is due to a real increase in the number of brain injuries, especially among young female athletes. Unfortunately, recent research reveals that concussions are far more dangerous than previously thought.

A 2016 study in PLOS Medicine concluded that even a single concussion can have a lasting impact on mental health and intellectual and physical functioning …

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What About Sports Drinks?

I recently had a teenage athlete ask me about sports drinks. He and other members of his football team drink popular sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade. These products are sold to enhance performance, but that’s not what happens.  My advice to him was to drink water.

A study by UC Berkeley concluded that sports drinks were “essentially sodas without the carbonation,” and we know sodas aren’t healthy. In fact, sports drinks can actually impair performance.  The sugar they contain acidifies the body, which restricts the availability of oxygen to cells and limits the amount of energy the cells can …

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The Keys to Good Health

Diet and lifestyle are everything. You are what you eat!  Every cell in your body is made out of the food you have consumed.  If you eat junk, your body will be made of junk.  If you build your house out of junk, it will blow away in the first big storm. Your body is no different.  It must be built of high-quality building materials, and this is impossible to do if you consume the standard American diet, which has been proven to be incapable of supporting healthy life—even in rats.

Fresh, organic plant foods are what we should be …

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Preventing the Flu – Eat a Better Diet and Supplement

One of the worst things you can do to yourself is getting a flu shot. The benefits are almost nonexistent, and the risks are substantial. People getting flu shot double their risk of getting the flu, while the damage done to your nervous system and immune system is permanent. The best strategy is to prevent the flu.

So what do you do to prevent the flu?  The answer is keeping you healthy. Healthy people don’t get sick. Your first line of defense must be to choose a healthy lifestyle. Eat a good diet of real food, get regular exercise, supplement …

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Raymond Francis Health Hoax

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