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Brain Power Anyone?

Is there a single nutrient that is known to boost brain power? The answer is yes, and it is CoQ10. Research shows that CoQ10 boosts cellular energy in the brain, helping the brain to work better. Evidence shows it even helps to slow the progression of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

CoQ10 is natural to the body and is used to help create energy in your cells. Unfortunately, CoQ10 becomes depleted with age, especially if you have health issues that use up extra amounts, as in the case of brain diseases. Studies have found that the majority …

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Cruising is Fun!

The cruise industry is booming, with average annual passenger growth of over seven percent. It keeps ordering new and ever bigger ships. However, everything has its hazards, and one of the hazards on a cruise ship is the exhaust fumes. Be careful to avoid them. 

Diesel exhaust fumes are toxic. So be aware of where the smoke is going and avoid any part of the ship where you would get direct exposure. If the wind shifts and the fumes come your way, get up and move. It is already well known that chronic exposure to diesel exhaust increases the risk …

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The Tragedy of Modern Medicine

After spending trillions of dollars on medical research, modern medicine has made no progress in addressing our growing epidemic of chronic disease. For example, over a trillion dollars has been spent on cancer research, yet the death rate from cancer is the same as it was in 1950. To hide this colossal failure, the cancer industry uses smoke and mirrors to lie with statistics and dupe the public into thinking that progress has been made and that more money should be spent.

We tend to measure progress by the amount of money spent and how many tens of thousands of …

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Vaccines Cause Autoimmune Disease

Foreign DNA causing problems…

Autoimmune diseases used to be rare. Today they are common-place. What happened? What has changed? Why should your body no longer recognize itself? Why should your immune system start attacking you as if your body tissues were foreign invaders? One answer is that autoimmune disease started to explode after the massive vaccination programs began in the 1940s and have continued to increase along with increases in the number of vaccinations.

Both animal and human studies show that the more vaccinations you get, the higher your risk of autoimmune disease. According to research by Bart Classen, MD,

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Raymond Francis Health Hoax

Never Be Sick Again

Never Fear Cancer Again

Never Feel Old Again

Never Be Fat Again

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